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Flexible Representation and Payment Options

At The Piatchek Law Firm, LLC we have many options available for representation in your uncontested divorce case, and we offer multiple payment options for your Missouri Uncontested Divorce.  In today’s economy, we understand that a “one size fits all” price structure is not the answer – every case really is different, and each client is different, and what one client wants or needs from their attorney can be very different from case to case.

Therefore, we have established different types of representation, featuring different levels of service for various types of clients.  All clients want knowledgeable attorneys, who provide good service at a fair price – and we provide this to all clients, in every case.  However, we would like to help as many different types of clients as we can, and therefore have established a couple of different ways that our legal representation can work.

Full Service Option

Some clients have a lot of questions and concerns, and want close, personal attention from their attorney, and are willing to pay for it.  For these clients we offer a full service option, where for one reasonable, flat fee we will handle the  case from start to finish, which fee will include all phone calls, all meetings in our offices, necessary changes to the documents (if any are required), in-office notary and signing services, and regular status updates regarding your case.  If this describes you, simply click to set up your free consultation at our offices or by phone if you prefer.

Lower Price Option

Conversely, we have noticed that for some other clients, price is more of the driving force in their decision making.  While they may like the idea of full service and a flat fee, perhaps they don’t need any in office meetings, perhaps they are okay conversing over phone and email, and don't need any of our notary services.  This is especially common for the many individuals we represent throughout the State of Missouri that are not located in the southwestern Missouri area, such as our clients in Kansas City, St. Louis, and the rest of Missouri.

With these clients especially in mind, we created Affordable Legal Services, a special division of our firm, which provides reasonable flat rates for common, basic legal concerns.   This is especially appealing for clients who want their case done right, so they want an attorney to handle it, but also want to save on cost.  If this describes you, click here to get a free quote for your case right now.

Multiple Payment Options

We offer reasonable flat rates for for cooperative, uncontested divorce cases.  In addition, we are flexible, and willing to work with our clients to offer payment options that many law firms may not offer:

Reduced Fee for Up Front Payment.  We can often offer a reduction in the total flat fee that we charge, if you pay the entire fee, up front, when you hire us at your initial consultation. 

Payment Plans.  We offer payment plans to many of our uncontested divorce clients. We establish payment plans on a case by case basis, and can work with you to make a plan that you can afford and you can stick with.

Credit Cards.  We accept all major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Our Uncontested Divorce Services 

Regardless of whether you prefer a full service experience or Affordable Legal Services, our Uncontested Divorce services are designed for couples who want a quick, simple divorce and simply do not intend to fight.  In these cases, both Husband and Wife are in full agreement, and desire to minimize the stress, cost, and time, and in cases involving children, they want to minimize any potential damage that a divorce may otherwise cause the children.

We focus on cases where the parties are in agreement, and want an affordable alternative to the standard hourly divorce.  In the world of hourly fees between two battling attorneys, there is often very little incentive to settle, because fighting is good for business.  Everyone has either been down this path, or has a friend or family member who has been through a long and expensive divorce.  We are here to offer a very different alternative to standard contested divorce.  We call this inexpensive and time saving alternative a “Cooperative, Uncontested Divorce”.

So what is a Cooperative, Uncontested Divorce?

By: Joseph Piatchek

A Cooperative, uncontested Divorce means that both Husband and Wife are in agreement about all aspects of a divorce, including, in particular, the following matters:

  1. Both parties agree that a divorce is necessary
  2. Both parties are willing to cooperate with one another
  3. Both parties agree on how all property should be divided
  4. Both parties agree on child, child support, and custody issues
  5. Both parties desire an alternative to typical, long, expensive divorces

In an Uncontested Divorce, the parties are free to choose their own destiny, without much interference from attorneys or the Court. While a Judge has ultimate discretion to accept or reject any of the terms of a divorce, typically a court will not question terms which both parties have agreed to, unless such terms are clearly unfair or unconscionable to one or both of the parties.

This means that in an Uncontested Divorce, the parties may choose if the parties are to have joint custody, or if one party will have sole custody; what the child support amount will be; how the property will be divided; and any other matters involved in the divorce.

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce 

There are many benefits to an Uncontested Divorce, including the following:

  1. Typically uncontested divorce cases are more affordable;
  2. Typically uncontested divorce cases are quick;
  3. Typically no court appearance is required (if you hire an attorney) in many counties.  For a list of those counties in which no appearance is required, see the list at the bottom of this page.

What an Uncontested Divorce IS NOT:

  1. Where both parties agree on MOST of the issues, but have one or more disagreements that they can't seem to compromise on.
  2. A divorce where one party refuses to cooperate, or cannot be found.

Also, understand that in an Uncontested Divorce, our firm can only represent ONE of the parties, usually the Petitioner. Attorneys typically will not represent both parties, because this would likely be a conflict of interest to represent both sides. This would be the equivalent of an attorney representing a Plaintiff whom is suing an insurance company, while also representing the insurance company. It would be impossible to serve both parties, and such representation would not be ethical.

If the above description sounds like your case, and your divorce is Uncontested, we do offer a free consultation. Call us today to answer your questions or to set an appointment.

Is an Uncontested Divorce something I can handle myself?
Do I need an attorney?

Certainly, if you are a legally trained, or have a knack for legal documents, and have a plenty of time on your hands, you may be able to research, understand, and handle an uncontested divorce by yourself. However, you should prepare for the idea that Uncontested divorces can still be quite complicated when you have never done one, and even the most simple divorces require many forms that must be completed correctly, and these forms may affect your rights for a long, long time.

Please understand that, in our experience, attempting to do it yourself often times costs you more money, because:

If you make a mistake, your case may be dismissed and you may lose your filing fee, and have to start over again and pay another filing fee;

If you make a mistake, a judge may require you to get an attorney; and it will almost always cost more to have an attorney clean up your mistake than to simply handle your case from the start;

Many forms you may get at the store, online, or by phone may actually cost almost as much, or cost more, than just hiring an attorney to do handle the divorce start to finish; and

Many forms you get at the store, online, or by phone are simply the wrong forms and will be a waste of your time and money; and you end up having to hire an attorney to handle it anyway. 

We don't recommend you try to handle this yourself. Many of our new Uncontested Divorce clients are those who tried to do it themselves, spent time and money on it, and failed. So if you are going to handle this yourself, be prepared!

I would like a divorce, but I have no idea where my spouse is. I haven't talked to them for a long time, and we never officially divorced. What do I do?

A Divorce by Publication is an alternative to Uncontested Divorce. Rather than both parties cooperating, such as in an Uncontested Divorce, A Divorce by Publication is used when the person you are trying to divorce cannot be found or located. So, rather than have them sign papers, or serve them process, the party whom is petitioning for a divorce is required instead to insert a legal notice, in a local publication, multiple times, informing the public of the divorce. This type of divorce should only be used when you have made good faith attempts to find the person, and you simply cannot locate them. A Divorce by Publication should not be used when you could locate the person, or you do know where they are, but simply do not want to talk to them.

Understand also that while it is technically possible to resolve child custody issues and property division issues in a divorce by publication, there are special considerations and issues that will have to be discussed, due to the fact that the opposing party was never personally served in a Publication Divorce.

Springfield, Missouri Uncontested Divorce Attorney

If you have questions, or would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss our services, please call us anytime at (417) 882-5858 or contact us by email on the right hand side of this page.  If you would like go about getting a free quote for your case, click here.

List of Missouri Counties 

The following is a list of counties in which we can likely file your cooperative, uncontested divorce without having a Court hearing:

Adair County
Andrew County
Audrain County
Barton County
Bates County
Benton County
Boone County
Callaway County
Cedar County
Christian County
Dade County
Gentry County
Greene County
Henry County
Holt County
Howard County
Jackson County
Jasper County
Knox County
Lewis County
Macon County
Maries County
Marion County
Mississippi County
Monroe County
Montgomery County
Nodaway County
Phelps County
Polk County
Pulaski County
Ralls County
Randolph County
Sainte Francois County
Ste. Genevieve County
Scott County
Shelby County
St. Charles County
St. Claire County
St. Louis County
Taney County
Texas County
Vernon County
Warren County
Worth County

There are variations in the local rules in many counties.  Some of the above counties may require a hearing if there are minor children involved, or for other reasons.  If an appearance is required additional charges will apply.


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